heal my mh soul


heal my mh soul

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Anonymous said: Hi, could I ask you to provide a quick script of what's being said here: pixv illust_id=45959302? I just really want to know what Mako-chan is telling his kitty friends!


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ES episode 11

[A fight between the married couple because of love!]

A makoharu sight we’ve never seen before!

My heart pounded at this dreadful development…
but makoharu’s bond will deepen even more after overcoming their difficulties, right?

And just a little while left before the third MakoHaru only event!

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cats: nyaaaaan

cat 1: I heard about it earlier, but Mako-chan is apparently very depressed nyan.

cat 2: Whaaat?!

cat 3: Mako-chan?!

cat 4: This is serious nyan!

cat 5: Let’s all go give him a boost nyan!

sfx over Makoto: *gloooom*

Makoto: You see earlier… I ended up fighting with Haru…
But I wanted him to understand… everyone cherishes him… and worried about him… and want him to move forward…

cats: meow meow meow etc

Makoto: Because Haru is important…
Because of that I….
Uuuhh.. I’m sorry. Talking about something like this…

[Town of Iwatobi’s cats gathering day]

*Haru-chan who is wrapped in his blanket*

cats: meooow meooow

Haru: so noisy…
…cat assembly?

*also gloomy…*

Page 3:

Makoto: (HaruHaruHaruHaru ….)
Haru: (MakotoMakotoMakoto….)

*I want to see to see those two’s smiling faces soon*


Makoharu marriage proposal No.XXX ~ Pro swimmer Haru’s version ~

MakoHaru/HaruMako doujinshi clearance + Free! Taito/Lawson kuji & goods (sales post)


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Anonymous said: Hi, I know you're a MakoHaru fan and live in Japan; I really would like to know Japanese MakoHaru fans what they think after yesterday episode, if also them are disappointed, especially for that next episode preview. Thank you in advance.

I honestly don’t follow the fandom. I follow on twitter some of the MH artists, and also looked at the makoharu hashtag, from what I could see everyone wants makoharu to patch things up.. I’ve seen a lot of sad reactions and ppl that want them to be together again and happy… go to Tokyo together. I’ve seen less ppl being angry with the show on twitter (tho there are a few), but I heard they complain about the show a lot on 2ch… so I guess just like us, there’s variety of reactions. 

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Please support the artist by rating and bookmarking the original work on pixiv. Translated and reposted with permission. Please DO NOT repost without permission of the artist, Maruyon (まるよん).

Note: The artist paid great attention to the nuances in the text by switching between kanji and hiragana. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to convey in English, but I hope the feelings were still conveyed. 

This is such a touching little manga. I think we all feel this is how the night turned out to be. Haru and Makoto should treasure every moment they can still spend together like this. 

Sorry for the lack of summary, I’m pretty bad at this. But finally finished editing chapter 1 of the future fish AU firefighter x chef story I’ve been dying to write (ie Working Husbands AU).

Thanks Racyue for all the nagging encouragement and adorable fanart/makoharu therapy that keeps me going, and Tainted, for the beta and help!


More Future Fish Au !! ~ Omake 1 from this (Firefighter Makoto and Chef Haru’s love story and domestic life)


Jealous -Tsundere- Waifu Haru-chan was so strong part 2

Part 1 here

More like behind the scenes, part 2

Makoharu family moments

They are such great daddies I can’t…

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Jealous Waifu Haru-chan was so strong part 1


Part 2 - Future Fish au, or a fireman and a chef’s dream of a married life that became true <3

Part 1 - Future Fish au x High speed! 2

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I love this makoharu Animedia poster so much !! and Haru’s socks too XD

(Before the makoharu poster was released version here)