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Anonymous said: What do you think are the chances of having an open-ending in Free! ES? Like, after all the drama/angst is over, we find out Makotos post-grad plans (uni in Tokyo?) and we find out Rins post-grad plans (Olympic?), but for Haru... its a scene that parallels season 1 ending. "What about you, Haru?" And Haru says "Im..." and the camera pans up to the blue sky, maybe w/ the bird. And its implied Haru would be happy with either choice. This way KyoAni doesnt alienate RH fans OR MH fans. Thoughts?

I think it’s possible the series would end after the summer tournament and not with graduation. Especially with a name like eternal summer, they can just end it with the boys looking forward to the future, making promises to stay friends forever, while still being a bit wary of the unknown like anyone would be. (or they would show only a collage of images like they did at the end of S1, and it will show a glimpse of graduation and onward…)

What I don’t get is why Haru’s choice about his future has to do with pleasing the fans? This show is not about romance and while they like teasing us, there is no ship that will be canon in this show. And while we’re at it, the Japanese fans don’t squabble over ships, they let ppl ship whatever they want in peace. RinHaru is actually a minor ship (as they see top/bottom change as a different ship, HaruRin is way more popular) and so far MakoHaru been dominating the Japanese fandom (might change now with SouRin), and therefore I don’t think ‘alienating fans’ is something tptb even think of as a possibility, because it’s not an issue in this fandom.

Anyway, I’m an exclusive MakoHaru shipper through and through and I want Haru to become a professional swimmer and go to the Olympics, I fail to see how it’s a RH thing. I think it’s very plausible for Haru to choose to continue swimming competitively after graduation, especially after reading HS2.

I will make a text post soon with my thoughts on this, as well as Makoto wanting to go to a place without Haru.

Anonymous said: I was just wondering if you have any idea how popular Hinata and Kageyama are as a ship in Japan. Thank you!!!!

Quite popular! I only have information collected from winter comiket catalog so it could change now, tho a quick look around pixiv, I think it’s still the same. Anyway the popular pairing ranking for HQ for 2013:

winter comiket (data) : out of 304 Haikyuu!! circles, 275 were for pairings.

top 10 ranking:

1. Kageyama x Hinata - 42 (11%)
2. Kuro x Kenma - 31 (7.9%)
3. Iwaizumi x Oikawa - 28 (7.1%)
4. Oikawa x Kageyama - 25 (6.3%)
5. Oikawa x Iwaizumi - 22 (5.6%)
6. Asahi x Noya - 20 (5.1%)
7. Kageyama x Suga - 19 (4.8%)
7. Daichi x Suga - 19 (4.8%)
8. Hinata x Kageyama - 11 (2.8%)
9. Tsukki x Yamaguchi - 9 (2.3%)

This entire series is just made of cute boyfriends, isn’t it??


まこはるinハワ~イ 新婚旅行!

Makoharu honeymoon in Hawaii… Another challenge for Mako-chan ;)

Anonymous said: I know you said that you won't continue the summaries but can I ask what happened to the dog? It'll be weeks before the last chapter is translated, so...

I just finished the novel. The book ends on a very hopeful note, after the tournament. Everyone is looking forward to the future. Haru only thinks that he needs to wake up early to run with Makkou, so actually the fate of the dog is unknown. As we all know, during winter Haru is going to break everyone’s hearts, including his own :( I hope Makkou was still there to comfort him when he quit the club…. but I really have no idea.

That married couple in the middle…




I just love how they are always sticking so close together! Maybe they don’t hug in public but the aura they give is way more intimate!!

No wonder they have all the space in their changing room:


But they still choose to get dressed (and undressed XD) while sticking close to each other!! 

Just get married already!!!!


Oh wait.. :)

MakoHaru/HaruMako doujinshi clearance~ + Lawson/Sweet Macaron kuji goods


Still trying to downsize my collection, since I’m looking for a new apartment to contain everything and me as well ;( also to make room for new ones

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Hi guys, I put up some kuji stuff for sale, including the marine bag and cushions, and more mascots (the new put on cups figures), and will also add new doujinshi in the weekend. Please check out :)

Random musings about Episode 3….

This episode was so much fun!!!!!!!! oh wow, it really keeps getting better and better. 

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I haven’t been to my local Lawson for a few days, I was sure it didn’t have the kuji and I didn’t see it when peeking from outside. Today I dunno why I decided to go inside for a better look and lo and behold, there it was!! It seems I am the only fangirl this Lawson serves since everything was still in there. 

My only objective is the makoharu cushion, I decided to try my luck and got 3 tickets. First try, cushion D (sailor outfits), Rei mobile stand and Rin photo holder. Disappointed, I tried 3 more tickets. Cushion C (Rin), Cushion D again and the box. Disappointed, I tried again, but I was 100 yen short so could only get 2 more tickets. Cushion C again and fucking huge marine bag! VERY disappointed, I collected my prizes and my empty wallet and went home to have dinner.

Then decided to go out there again and withdraw money to try for the pillow before some other fangirl would snag it… I withdrew money and bought another 3 tickets.

I opened the first one - finally the much sought after - Cushion A!!!!! I was extremely happy, I didn’t care for the other 2 tickets anymore, but opened it anyway - plushie Nanase Haruka! Not bad, I thought, but shit, now I would have to get plushie Makoto because I cannot only have one of them.. you know, common makoharu fangirl problem. I opened the third ticket and stared at it in shock - plushie TACHIBANA MAKOTO!!!!

I was totally not expecting to get out of the 2nd visit with only 3 tickets and 3 wins I wanted most!!!! The clerk even congratulated me, I was just so happy and satisfied XD (although I didn’t squeal and jump up and down like when I won Heichou figure xD)

btw, all the rest of the stuff will go to my sales post soon. I wonder if I should try to get another makoharu cushion since they still have it… but really, all the other prizes are also still there, so it’s dangerous xD


High Speed! 2 x Future Fish or Boyfriend to Husband Makoharu in their daily domestic life <3

Thank you tokyo-fujoshi for your HS!2 summaries and sharing the harumako moments <3

Wah wah thank you so much!!! *hugs* this is beyond perfect!!!! >3 

derrierebender said: As a person who has been suicidal I think it's important to differentiate between 'wondering what [they'd] do if I wasn't here' - which is a completely normal thought that nearly everyone thinks about at some point or another (what Makoto was feeling at that moment) and '[they'd] be better off with out me here' which is, well, concerning and heading towards being suicidal (which Makoto was NOT saying) - there's a big, distinct difference. I hope this helps people understand better! :)

First, sorry to hear and I hope you’re doing good now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I didn’t like peple thinking it was manipulative of Makoto. It just shows a complete lack of understanding of the character and the relationship between Haru and Makoto (as friends). And I’m not saying happy, good people cannot be suicidal. But this is seriously not the case here with Makoto.

I don’t think Makoto even really wondered what Haru would do without him, he just needed reassurance that Haru needed him at his side, cowardice, uselessness and all. Haru had already mused about Makoto before, we already know he sees strength inside Makoto, apparently more than Makoto does. And he stopped swimming completely because Makoto never showed up in the swimming club anymore. Swimming without his friends is meaningless, even tho Haru keeps claiming he’s swimming to feel the water. The moment he thinks there’s a possibility Makoto joined the school’s swimming club he joins right away even after saying he’s not joining several times (in fact also just before he changed his mind.) . So Haru had already realized he needed Makoto, but he never said anything to Makoto until now. Now he knew it was time to admit it to Makoto, that was his way of supporting Makoto, letting him know there was no need to overcome his fears, because Haru does need him, even with those imperfections. And of course it immediately lifts Makoto’s spirits, and brings him back.

I also have a whole lot of say about him saying he wanted to try going to a place without Haru, but I have to get ready for work now :(

MakoHaru AU :
Where firefighter Makoto and chef Haru take little breaks to be together  o´ω`o

I NEED MORE OF THIS!!! Working Husbands ♥

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